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About Caretta

Teardrops since 2008

The Caretta Teardrop is manufactured in Turkey by Başoğlu Caravans.

From their very first designs back in 1976, they continue to produce teardrop caravans in their facilities in Sakarya, a city in north western Turkey.


Başoğlu is a large family with caravan dealers in many countries of the world. Each teardrop they produce reaches its customers with the same quality and precision wherever they reside.

With over 40 years of experience, Başoğlu was proud to introduce Turkeys leading and pioneering brand of Caretta lightweight teardrops in 2008.

Their export market now covers more than 45 countries, especially Western Europe.

Caretta focuses on nature and people giving life to caravans through their awareness of the comfort, ergonomics, and health requirements of their teardrop trailer owners.

The Caretta Teardrop is a multi award winning trailer brand that has the freedom of its customer's at heart and Caretta UK is here to provide you with the best outdoor adventures.


An Award Winning Teardrop

2 Year Warranty Included

Approved Servicing Workshop

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